Top Shows on The Netflix Anime List

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The Best Netflix Anime List offers a wide variety of genres for viewers. A few examples include comedy, action, drama, classics, and a favorite of many, anime. Netflix offers anime for the kids, adults, and anyone in between. If you like anime, Netflix has got you in mind because you are sure to find an anime show to enjoy!


The Best Netflix Anime List

Kid Appropriate Anime

The House of Small Cubes (TV-G): This show is a short, twelve minute film that any new anime lover will enjoy watching! This show, with almost five stars on Netflix, is a favorite for kids.

netflix anime list


Pokémon: Indigo League (TV-Y): Pokémon, an anime classic, is a great show for kids that are interested in anime. This particular Pokémon series has one season rated with more than four stars!



Naruto (TV-PG): This kid’s anime series has three great seasons, also with a rating of more than four stars, telling a story about a ninja battling his inner demons.

Yo-Kai Watch (TV-Y7): This one season series is a popular show for kids that can’t get enough of anime. This series has four stars for their one season that is on Netflix; try out Yo-Kai Watch and if you love it, there’s also a movie available to stream!

netflix anime list


Beyblade: Metal Fusion (TV-Y7): Netflix has one season of Beyblade: Metal Fusion available to stream for Netflix users. This series has almost four stars and is a favorite among children viewers!



Adult Anime Shows on Netflix

netflix anime list


Death Note (TV-14): This is one of the most popular anime series available to stream on Netflix with a rating of just about five stars (on Netflix). This television show has one season available all about the tale of a Japanese high school student.



Attack on Titan (TV-MA): Along with most other anime shows available on Netflix, this series has one season offered with a rating of close to five stars. This is an adult favorite among anime viewers, telling the story of Eren Yeager saving his town from ruins.

netflix anime list

InuYasha (TV-14): This two season anime series is great for someone that loves a laugh. This show is rated with almost five stars and tells the humorous story of Kagome Higurashi.


Gantx:O (TV-MA): This is a great anime movie offered to stream on Netflix, well it’s great if you like violence in your shows. This is rated four and a half stars and is just over an hour and a half long.

netflix anime list


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Watch Anime on Netflix!

You may not have realized it, but out of all the genres and subgenera available on Netflix, there is a large selection of anime tv shows and movies. There are shows for kids and adults alike; some shows or movies are goofy, some suspenseful, and some are violent. If you like anime, you are bound to find a new series to binge watch on Netflix! We hope this Netflix Anime List has been helpful.

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