Winter has begun and it’s the month of Halloween. So, what more would be better this season than to dress in the ‘Netflix and Chill’ Halloween costume and enjoy the festivities?

‘Netflix and Chill’ has been inescapable, and ‘hooking up’ on Halloween with the Netflix costume can be really easy too. Imagine yourself dressed up with a ‘Netflix’ t-shirt on while your partner has the ‘Chill’ tops; you’re surely going to enjoy the semantic drift all night long.

Though Netflix and Chill Halloween costumes might look simple, the moment it brings in between you and your partner is what you’ll have on your mind the next morning.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best Netflix and Chill Halloween costumes that you need to get this October.

Netflix Marathon Hoodie

Netflix Hoodie for Halloween

It’s cold outside and you’re preparing to ‘Chill’ with your girlfriend. What more could be better than this hoodie as the Netflix and Chill Halloween costume? You need to charge yourself, right? Go get one right away.

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Netflix Undies

Netflix and Chill Underwear

Nothing gets as much in the holiday spirit like fun panties! It’s Halloween and these Netflix and Chill Undies will do the talking for you.

Netflix Tank Top

Netflix tank top for Halloween

If you’re not running a marathon right now, you surely know that you’ll eventually be running in the couch or bed. Grab this tank top and make sure you don’t put it off during the fun-time so that when you wake up the next morning, you know you had a great Netflix and Chill Halloween.

Netflix & Chill TeeNetflix and Chill tee

Though the ‘Chill’ t-shirt is simple to be considered a Netflix and Chill Halloween costume, it fits perfect for those who are not much outgoing. It shows that you’re ready to jump in to the couch and have fun.

 Netflix and Chill Cap

Netflix and Chill Cap

While there are a lot of witch hats and caps that surround you on Halloween, the Netflix cap will make you an standout in the crowd this Halloween. Go grab one and adjust it on your head along with your Netflix and Chill Halloween costume.

Netflix vs Everybody Sweat Shirt

Netflix vs Everybody hoodie

It’s that time of the year when you want to hang out with you liked once. Yes, you’re going in a war. A war to avoid people who don’t love Netflix as much as you do.¬†When you get cold, you can put this on as a Halloween costume on Netflix. There’s a whole night you need to keep yourself hot, right?

Grab any of these dresses to fit in your Halloween costume for Netflix and Chill and we hope you have a great Halloween. Happy streaming!