Netflix in the Air? Yes, Please!

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We all remember when Netflix came up with the offline streaming idea for their services. The one where you could download shows on your phone or device with wifi, but watch them without wifi. So if you were going to be going on a long trip, you’d more than likely download a few of your favorite shows or movies on your streaming device before you hit the road.

Now think about Netflix in the air. While you can do this in the air too, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to waste your download limit on air travel too? Wouldn’t it be great to sit on your flight and watch Netflix without having to waste your phone battery or lug your tablet around with you? Yes.

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It would be amazing and the great thing about this is Netflix has thought about this and is working to initiate it with airlines by 2018. They have come up with a solution to utilize their services without clogging the wifi or segregating passengers by class. Netflix wants everyone to enjoy their services no matter which airline they are on or what class they are in.

To achieve this goal they are utilizing their mobile device encoding technology to give passengers their service. They wanted to make sure to utilize a way for all passengers, classes, and the majority of carries that may not have the ability to watch Netflix, will now have the ability to enjoy Netflix in the air.

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While this will not be the quality that you’re used to in your living room, it will be a DVD quality stream. This means no 4k, 1080p quality, but that also means that there won’t be lag either. The DVD quality will be sufficient for the screen on the back of a headrest or a tablet. The fact that it is an option at all is pretty cool in itself.

There aren’t specific airlines that have been names in benefitting from this venture and Netflix isn’t even sure that it will work, but this experiment will benefit not only the passenger and airline, but Netflix as well. A true revolution to streaming in the air.

Netflix will benefit from this as they’ve taken a hit for their dissolution with Disney announcement, the backlash that they’ve taken “all the good shows off”, and the fact that they are gearing up for more Netflix originals in the future.

This seems like a great idea for the fact that backlash with Netflix seems to be so negative lately when it comes to their content. While Netflix is sorting that out they’ve taken the initiative to find more ways to watch. What do you think about this endeavor? Will it work?

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