Narcos Season 4 Teaser Trailer Hits and Fans Are Thirsty for More

Fans of Netflix's Narcos pining for Season 4 clues instead got a teaser with nothing but a Mariachi band cocaine everywhere.

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Fans of Netflix’s Narcos pining for Season 4 clues instead got a teaser with nothing but a Mariachi band with cocaine wafting everywhere. Not that it doesn’t represent the series well, but with the developments at the end of Season 3, we were all thirsty for a little more.

And this gave us very little useful information unless there is suddenly going to be a Mariachi band added to the character roster. While we avoid spoilers for those who are not all binged-up-to-date on any series, it seems that there is going to be little to go. That is, other than the ending of Season 3. So, tongue deeply in cheek, maybe the Narcos Mariachis will be warning people not to be exactly where the cartel will send hitmen?

Some, like Vulture’s Will Sommer, believe that Season 4 is going to focus on Amado Carrillo Fuentes:

Next season looks set to focus on Amado Carrillo Fuentes, the party-hard guy who betrayed Pacho to the North Valley cartel. If you can’t wait for next year, I’ll put in another plug for Down by the River, Charles Bowden’s book about one DEA agent’s attempts to catch the Juarez cartel boss.

Of course, it would be easier to guess if the Narcos teaser showed anything at all about the series.

Sure, teasers aren’t supposed to really answer any questions. They’re more of a burlesque, showing less for a bigger effect with the promise of showing more. This one, it showed nothing. That is either the best “tease” ever, or the worst ever. And, it’s probably not the worst.

Without further ado, here is the teaser from Netflix, courtesy of Youtube:

Season 4 may end the series, as Netflix renewed Narcos for two seasons after the success of their first two. That is, depending on how well it does. Of course, we can’t really guess how it will do. We could have, had they had even given us crumbs… but, they didn’t. So, let’s go back to the beginning of Season 3.

Narcos Season 3 Official Trailer:

And the extra information we are now craving about Season 4 on Season 3:

This show has reinvented itself from the ashes of some truly mind-blowing plotlines. With differing levels of success, in many cases. But what you have to remember, and keep on reminding yourself, is that this is not pure fiction.

These stories are woven from true events. So, while we may not like it when the guy who seemed to play all his cards right unexpectedly loses his lifeblood on the pavement, it’s deeply disturbing but rings true.

Real life doesn’t care about our favorite characters. Netflix’s Narcos has done a topnotch job at drawing our attention, and we are all chomping at the bit to see how they plan to keep it.

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