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Many of us have watched Anne of Green Gables from way back in the day, the 1934 or maybe from 1985 version, and many have enjoyed the tales of Anne as she lives her life with elderly siblings she was placed with. This romantic girl is much advanced for her time, but she would fit right in with today’s society. Good thing they decided to make yet another tale of L.M. Montgomery’s novel. May we present to you, Anne With an E.

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Let’s Set The Scene

Anne Shirley (the name of the original actress that played Anne in the 1934 version), is adopted by an elderly brother and sister. The brother and sister decided to adopt a child for work around the house. The pair of them are expecting a boy, so you can imagine their surprise when they find Anne, a girl at their door step.

That doesn’t stop this girl from overstaying her welcome, so to speak. She claims to the Cuthbert’s that a girl can do anything a boy can do but better. You tell them, Anne with an E!

Why Must You Watch The Show?

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There are tons of reasons to watch this show but the three that we came up with here at Netflix Update?

Number one– The first episode is 89 minutes long with stunning visuals that captivate your interest. In this episode we meet the Culthbert’s that adopt Anne and the main character, the orphan, Anne. In the first few minutes we see the life that Anne was subjected to as an orphan. Life isn’t always roses.

Number two– Relatable. All we ever want in life is to be accepted in life. This young girl is advanced for her age. She very well educated, very self aware, and extremely insecure. We all have some of these traits, right?

Number three– you can binge watch. All seven episodes of the first season are on Netflix. You don’t have to worry about missing a thing and you surely don’t have to worry about wondering when the next episode will air.

So not only is the show engaging, but it’s relatable, and binge worthy. What more could you ask for in a series?

What We’ve Got To Look Forward To

We’ll follow Anne (hopefully of Green Gables) through her journey of finding a home. Life isn’t always as it seems. We’ll see Anne’s trials and tribulations, successes, and failures. We will see her make relationships and break friendships.

She will constantly surprise you with her wit and charm.

Anne with an E is a great show for a person of any age. The show is charming, sweet, emotional, and fun to watch. This may be the next binge worth show for anyone of any age. It isn’t too often that you find shows like this one. What do you think of Anne with an E? Were you a fan of the original show, “Anne of Green Gables”? How do they compare? Let us know what you think! We at Netflix Update are dying to hear your reviews!


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