How Much Does Netflix Cost?

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Before anyone can decide whether Netflix is a good choice for them they need all the facts. We have all the updated facts about the most asked much does Netflix cost?

In the beginning of 2016 Netflix announced  that it would raise the price of its HD standard plan to $9.99 per month.  This is an increase from $8.99 per month for the most recent customers and $7.99 a month for long-term customers who are grandfathered in.

More than half of Netflix’s subscribers have been grandfathered into the lower prices, the company said.

In addition to the $9.99 plan, Netflix offers a lower-priced $7.99-per-month option, which streams videos in standard definition and only allows one person to use the account at a time. Netflix also has a higher-priced $11.99-a-month plan, which broadcasts in ultra-high-definition and lets customers play videos on four screens simultaneously.

Cost for Netflix

You will need to choose one of these options.  You will also have the choice to enroll in the DVD plan.

Cost for Netflix DVD Service

Can’t decide?  Here’s what one subscriber had to say about Netflix!

For a 10th of what i pay for cable i can get access to so many movies and tv shows it was worth the switch.

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