Mindhunter Renewed for Season Two

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In case you had not heard, the Netflix Original, Mindhunter, has been renewed for a second season. The first season took everyone by surprise– captivating the minds of everyone. The dark drama with hints of dark comedy was a hit with the Netflix audience.

Fans could not get enough of the fresh, real, and raw topics. Murder is no joke and neither is the profiling that comes in this drama. Mindhunter took our televisions by storm when it premiered Friday, October 13.

One would think that date would be daunting for such a dark show, but it fits. The daunting nature of the show really fit in with the creepy feel that Friday the 13th brings. If you have not seen this critically acclaimed drama on Netflix, you may want to add it to your list of things to watch. Trust us, you won’t be sorry.

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The show is based in the 1970’s where it follows two FBI profilers, Holden Ford and Bill Tench, that follow and profile prolific serial killers. Some of the names that were profiled in season one were BTK killer, Richard Speck, Jerry Brudos and Edmund Kemper, aka the Co-Ed Killer.

These killers that were profiled in the first season were well known killers in history– The fact that this Netflix Original took real life cases from history and made them in to a dark drama for fans to enjoy says a lot.

Not only is this title a Netflix Original, they put an original spin on the cases by showing the psychological end. They may not show sympathy to these killers, but they do show an understanding of why they did the things that they did. Thus bringing out the profiles that were created on these killers.

Season one was a hit, so much so that it was declared that there would be a second season for the hit, critically acclaimed drama. Not surprising since many binge watched all ten episodes in a weekend.

Here is what we thought of the series…

“Netflix Update was most excited about this series due to the raw, dark, and real content that was portrayed in the season one trailer. The dark humor and small key points of comedy really gave us something to laugh about– A nice break in the serious content.”

Season two may have been announced but there has not been a release date as of yet for  season two. There has not even been a season two trailer released– So that is something to look forward to.

What did you think of Mindhunter? Did you think it was worth the watch or was it a pass? Let us know what you think. Hopefully we don’t have to wait until October for the next season!

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