Marvel Comics, How is Netflix Creating these Shows?

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Marvel Comics are on Netflix and there is a reason why subscribers are seeing more and more of these superheroes.    The stories from Marvel Cinema have been seen for and merchandised very well.  Iron Man has been flying around for years now (since 2008).

Marvel has a plan!  The Plan: launch secondary level characters on Netflix.  These heroes would most likely never be seen in theaters.

 So why did Marvel choose these characters and not others?   We believe it is to add some depth to the Marvel Universe.  So while fans are waiting for the next Marvel movie, it helps to have a 13-episode single-season series streaming on Netflix that viewer can binge watch in a single weekend.

Marvel Comics Series Available

Daredevil ( available now)

Jessica Jones (available now)

Luke Cage (available now)

Agents of SHIELD(available now)

Iron Fist (coming in 2017)

Defenders (coming 2017)

The Punisher (coming 2018)

The Defenders will bring together Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones.  Netflix is hinting that The Defenders will operate as an 8-episode miniseries rather than its own standalone show.

After previewing the first episode of Jessica Jones I can honestly say I am hooked.  If you haven’t seen Marvel Comics brought to life you should start. These series will have you on the edge of your seat.

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