If You Loved South Park, Netflix New Series Big Mouth is Perfect for You!

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In South Park, Colorado, four friends were sure to band together to give you a comedic ride of a life time. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny were fourth graders in South Park, CO. A dysfunctional small town, lodged in the side of a mountain does not leave much for kids to do. The four boys seems to find adventures where ever they go.

Even the smallest of tasks or adventures that the four got into would become a chain of events that would spiral out of control. While their adventures were funny, sometimes dumb, and unimaginable, fans loved the show– Ate it up any chance that they could. Hence the reason new episodes are still being made today.

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But move over South Park… There is a new kid in town. A new show that is said to be funnier, smarter, and even dirtier than South Park. This new show? It’s a Netflix Original. Netflix seems to be stepping out of the box lately with their show choice ideas.

They’ve got everything from Kathy Bates as a lawyer defending the legality of marijuana in Disjointed. They’ve got a mockumentary of Making a Murderer featuring penile graffiti and the culprit that they think did it in American Vandal. So why wouldn’t they make a show that revolves around puberty and the teenage body?

Big Mouth is the new show in town, definitely not suited for kids as it is rated TV-MA, it’s got all the gory stuff that comes with puberty included in the show. There are tons of joke referencing the male genitalia– Included the weird occurrences of sprouting body hair, boners, and voice changes.

The show is produced by the two real life best friends Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg. Not only do the two best friends have the honor of producing this “better than South Park” comedy, they’ve also got the honor of of playing main characters, side by side, in the show.

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The show, as of now, has a total of ten episodes on Netflix and there has been no word if there will be a season two or not. Please be aware, this show is graphic and does have rather specific references when it comes to the human body, gross teenage boys, and all the fun stuff that comes with that.

Have you watched Big Mouth yet? Do you think it is better than South Park? An equal rival? Not even close to the OG? Let us know what you think about the show! We would love to hear your opinion on Big Mouth!

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