‘Love’ Final Season Premier Date and Trailer Are Here (Trailer)

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The season of Love is upon us, and we can’t seem to get enough of this Netflix series. Judd Apatow, creator of the hit Netflix show Love released a trailer for his show on Valentines Day. That seems like an apt day to release a show about relationships.

If you’ve seen the first two seasons then you have been following the journey of Mickey and Gus. After the ups and downs they experienced through the first two season, what shenanigans could they possibly get into during season three?

It looks like Mickey and Gus, plus the other characters of the show, are in for a bumpy ride. What could possibly go wrong? Let’s take a look back at the show for those who haven’t heard about Love.

Love Season 1 Saw Heartbreak and New Beginnings

It is pretty obvious at the beginning of this series that Judd Apatow didn’t want his characters to “meet cute.” In fact, the meeting was more or less grungy. Season 1 follows Mickey (Gillian Jacobs), a radio talk show producer, and Gus (Paul Rust), a wannabe writer. The story begins in a quick-mart where Mickey wants to buy cigarettes and coffee, yet doesn’t seem to have the money for it. While arguing with the cashier, nerdy nice guy Gus offers to pay for her things.

Could this be love? This season follows Mickey and Gus through heartbreak, humiliations of intimacy and other things they try to avoid. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the trailer for Season 1, available for binge on Netflix. (Trust us, when you start, you are going to want to binge.)


Season 2 Inspects Addiction

Netflix is back with Season 2. It picks up where season one left off. Mickey has confessed that she has an addiction to love and sex — right after Gus kissed her — while also proclaiming she was taking a year off from relationships. Her statement becomes what season two is all about.

In season one, everyone was rooting for Mickey and Gus not to be together. However, as season two progresses, we get strung along with these two characters. You are sure to be taken on a rollercoaster ride of witty, car crash of emotions. Season two will keep you on the edge of your seat, teetering on that cliff wondering what will happen next.

Could a disaster be waiting around the corner for Mickey and Gus? Need a review of Season 2, check out the trailer below. It is also available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix.

Season 3 is Sure to be Topsy-turvy

For those who have been keeping up with Love, know that each episode can make it seem like a routine dinner party, yet have you think “what just happened?” Once you get snuggled up to the characters, Judd Apatow will have your head turning wanting to push you away. Of course, that isn’t the case.

This hit show is sarcastically amusing, romantically prickly, and magnetic. Will Season 3 of Love have us spinning like a top? In the trailer, we see that Mickey and Gus — exploring — in the bedroom. When Mickey proclaims she wants to “do this right, I want to be in real adult relationship.”

Things are about to get complicated and messy. Like the last two seasons, we are going to be on the edge of our seats wondering if love will win out in the end. Season 3 will premiere on March 9 on Netflix. Till then, enjoy the new trailer for Love, Season 3.


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