Longmire on Netflix? Rumors Of Cancelation

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Longmire on Netflix can be seen

Is Longmire on Netflix?  The quick answer is yes!  Longmire Season one through five are on Netflix right now.  Fans of the series, which is based on the mystery novels by best-selling author Craig Johnson want to know when season six will be available.

Speculations have surfaced that the main stars of “Longmire”  Robert Taylor and Katee Sackhoff are under fire.   There is a rumor that Netflix is considering cancelling the series.  Netflix has not made any formal announcements for the series even though the fans and followers have been demanding season 6.

Longmire is a contemporary crime drama starring Robert Taylor as the charismatic and dedicated sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming.  He interacts with locals, Native Americans and the laws that effect them both.

Netflix hasn’t given a heads-up regarding the fate of season 6 and this is not the first time that the series was under fire of rumors and speculations.


Despite the demand to renew “Longmire” Season 6, Netflix has not made any formal announcements for the series.

Longmire on Netflix is something we can binge watch now but we will have to patiently wait to see what the outcome is for for Season 6.

For the fans and followers of “Longmire” Season 6, every rumor coming out should be taken with grain of salt in mind. Our sources tell us producers have said that they are happy to  compose a closing chapter for these beloved characters that inspires lasting memories.   Most importantly, they are committed to delivering a satisfying conclusion for fans.  Netflix is now streaming Season 1-5.

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