If You Liked Mindhunter– You’ll Love This New Hit Show Coming Soon

the sinner

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If you like Netflix original hit series, Mindhunter, then you are going to love the new drama coming to Netflix. Mindhunter followed two FBI profilers in the 1970’s as they learned and understood the minds of prolific serial killers.

The serial killer tendencies that come about in the show are what keep us hooked– We want to understand where they are coming from. But move over Mindhunter, The Sinner will be here and more than likely, it will take over your must watch list.

This will be the new binged show when it makes it debut on Netflix, of which, there is no prediction as to when the show will make an appearance. The Sinner just ended on its native station of USA.

So far, season one is the only season to have made a premier to the light of day on cable. The current season that has just ended has 8 episodes, but viewers are hooked.

So what is this new drama, mystery, thriller about? The show features Cora Tennetti, played by Jessica Biel. Cora is a young mother that has a seemingly normal life. This young mother starts her day normally, but ends it tragically.

This young mother goes to the beach with her family, a seemingly normal day, but ends up in a fit of rage. In complete blind anger, she stabs a young man. Cora claims that she has never met the man and how no prior recollection of who he is or why she did what she did.

Taken into custody for her horrific crime, Cora is profiled by the FBI to see if there is any rhyme or reason to her violent nature that just randomly occurred.

The series is based off of the 1999 novel of the same name by German crime writer, Petra Hammesfahr. The show also stars Christopher Abbott, as Cora’s husband, Mason. This is said to be Jessica Biel’s best role yet in her acting career.

While the show will be gruesome in nature and not for those with sensitivities to blood, the show will capture you in a way that will leave you wanting more.

From critic Brian Tallerico, “If I had all eight episodes of The Sinner, I would have watched them consecutively. It’s the television version of a page-turner, as you inch forward in your seat, waiting to see where it goes next.”

Do you think you’ll be enamored by the show when it finally gets to Netflix? What do you think of the story line? Keep checking back at netflixupdate.wpengine.com for more information on when you can see this title on Netflix!

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