Lifetime Movies On Netflix Be Inspired By These Movies

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Lifetime Movies on Netflix is that even a searchable genre?  Due to Lifetime adding a Lifetime Movie Club there are not too  many true Lifetime movies on Netflix.  However, there are so many movies on Netflix that can be compared to that of Lifetime’s Movies.

Movies (similar to Lifetime Movies on Netflix)

Wildflower- 2016 PG-13

lifetime movies on netflix

A repressed memory of a murder has a young lady wondering how this is connected to her past.


In-lawfully Yours- (2016) PG

lifetime movies on netflix

When a divorced young woman moves into a small town she falls for her ex’s brother-in-law.  A good clean romantic movie filled with many laughs.


Hoovey- (2015) PG

This inspiring, heartwarming film based on a true story about a young man with a brain tumor.  He has to give up his dream of becoming a basketball player, however he doesn’t give up without fight.


Little Boy- (2015) PG-13

A father is sent away to war and his little boy turns to his heavenly father for help to bring him back.  Fantastic movie that will be sure to have you in tears, which is typical of a Lifetime Movie.

Waffle Street-(2015) PG

The themes in this movie are meaningful and have great lessons on atonement and happiness.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven-(2004) PG

lifetime movies on netflix

Sweet, touching and absolutely eye opening.  A man dies while saving a child and he meets 5 people that are tied to him to learn the meaning of his life.

Once I Was a Beehive- (2015) PG

lifetime movies on netflix

This one is a pure gem!  A teenage girl is sent to Bible Camp after her father’s death and she meets friends there that can feel her pain.

Meet My Valentine- (2015) PG-13

lifetime movies on netflix

When a man learns he is terminally ill he wants to take care of his family.  In this story he tries to find his replacement.

After the Ball- (2015) PG-13

A cute movie, similar to A Cinderella Story where a young girl battling an evil step-mother and step- sisters.  Her plan is ingenious.


Be Somebody-(2016)  PG

lifetime movie on netflix

A teen pop-star goes under cover from his hectic stressful life.  While attending a small town high school he forms a special bond with a high school classmate.



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