5 of the best cooking shows to watch on Netflix this weekend

Do you crave fine dining and love to immerse yourself in the beautiful aesthetics practiced by world-famous chefs? Or are you a home cook who also really enjoys baking? Whether you fall into one of these categories or view cooking shows as a window into the wider world, Netflix has some choice delights for your […]

The 15 Most Awesome Netflix Teen and YA Shows: Not Your Grandma’s TV

While the youth of America come of age and prepare to take over the world, Netflix teen and young adult shows give them an arsenal of entertainment.

New Dating App Tells You How Long Your Relationship Will Last

How many dating apps could there possibly be out there? Surprisingly, there are several, and a new one hit the market after the episode “Hang the DJ”

Searches for Queen Elizabeth II Surge As ‘The Crown’ Beguiles Fans

Fans are falling in love with Queen Elizabeth II thanks to the Netflix Original series The Crown. As a result, Her Majesty’s Wikipedia page has been flooded with traffic. According to the Daily Mail, QEII’s page on the crowd-sourced info site was the third most-read page last year. Fans want to know more about the […]

You Know You’re a Netflix Binge-Watcher When …

In 2016, everyone was talking about “Netflix and chill.” Last year, things changed. You’ve devolved into a Netflix binge-watcher. You have red, sunken eyes from marathoning all 6.5 hours of Stranger Things. Your skin is pasty and pale because it hasn’t been in sunlight for weeks. You don’t even care if there’s anyone around to […]

Watch: How Netflix Helped These 2 Superfans Get Hitched (Video)

Netflix and fall in love? This couple sure did. When groom-hopeful Conor wanted to propose to Kamela, he got help from their go-to date night: Netflix. Conor and Kamela’s first date was watching Netflix together. Six years later, they’re still happily binging on a regular basis. To honor their mutual love of the movie and television […]

There is a New Service in Town That Will Rival Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

Look out Netflix and Amazon, there is a new kid in town and they are here to rival the streaming service of both Netflix and Amazon. While both streaming services have different perks to offer, there are different things that you can benefit from each. If you’re an amazon prime member, you can watch tons […]

Are You Part of the 37% of Netflix Users That do This?

You won’t believe where Netflix users are binge-watching their favorite movies and shows these days. People are strange and their habits may be even stranger when it comes to their ways. Recently in a study done by SurveyMonkey, it was shown that Netflix is viewed at work– By 37% of Netflix users. Thanks to Business […]

Disney’s Pricing Will Rival Netflix– Here is What They Have to Say About it

We all remember the day like it was yesterday when Disney announced that they would be going out on their own way back when in August. For many this news came as astonishingly, horrible news as they either have someone in their family that enjoys the Disney movies or they, themselves watch the Disney affiliated […]