Life Story from BBC is available!

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Life Story
is a British Documentary natural history series introduced and narrated by David Attenborough.  Attenborough is an English broadcaster and naturalist, he is best known for writing and presenting the nine Life series. The Life Story series follows animals in their natural environments and the challenges that they face at different stages of their lives.  With appearances made by meerkats in Africa, geese in Greenland, a baby humpback whale, and fur seals all in the first episode.  Each episode is named appropriately:  First Steps, Growing Up, Courtship, Parenthood and Full Circle following the different animals through all of the difficulties, challenges, and triumphs in each stage.

Life Story was filmed with use of extensive sound and filming equipment which is not usually the case with wildlife production.  The series was first released on BBC in July 2011 with the title of Survival but,  was changed to Life Story shortly afterwards.

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As with other nature programs there are some scenes that show disturbing animal behaviors but,  you have to remember that nature isn’t always pretty and easy.  They survive their circumstances and can be a prime example of what some should learn from. Nature Series that focus on all stages have not been seen until now.

Life Story is available for streaming June 20.  Also, available for streaming is The Making of Life Story. 



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