Lethal Weapon Is Now Available on Netflix.

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Lethal Weapon Available


Lethal Weapon is now streaming on Netflix.  If you love the 80’s and a young Mel Gibson this movie has them both.  Netflix just added this to the long list in July.  This movie is being  highlighted for it’s action and drama and Mel Gibson.

The plot of the movie goes like this.  A  LAPD Homicide Sergeant Roger Murtaugh played by Danny Glover, is partnered with Sergeant Martin Riggs played by Mel Gibson, a transfer from the Narcotics division. Riggs, a former soldier, has recently lost his wife in a car accident and has turned suicidal, and has been allowing his anger to get the best of him.  The two find themselves at odds with each other but need to come together against a common threat when Murtaugh’s daughter is kidnapped.

When it was realeased at the Box Office, in March of 1987, Lethal Weapon was No. 1  for three weeks.  It grossed  120.2 million worldwide and  is considered to be one of the best buddy cop films of all time.

Big News for the Fall……the original Lethal Weapon has now inspired a modern day version coming to FOX this Fall.


Watch The Trailer Here!




Wow!!  It’s time to stream this movie and become familiar with the characters because it looks like this series is one Netflix subscribers will be waiting for on Netflix.  Stream all 4 movies starring Danny Glover and Mel Gibson Now.

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