What’s Leaving Netflix in February 2016?

2016 has started and Netflix has already kicked off huge with its expansion in over 130 countries. With a total of 190 countries streaming Netflix all at the same time now, Netflix hopes to grow big in terms of new releases including several movies and television shows. However, one thing that always bothers Netflix subscribers […]

What’s Leaving Netflix in January 2016?

New year brings a lot of excitement and a new vigor in everyone’s life. People make resolutions for the good and it’s time a lot of new television shows and movies premiere on big screen and on television. Similarly for Netflix fans, binge-watching more and having their best Netflix-and-Chill moment make place to their resolution. […]

What’s Leaving Netflix in December 2015?

December is all about festivities and it’s one of the best month of the year. However, for Netflix fans, there’s this one time that makes them sad to know that some of the best movies and televisions shows they’ve been watching will leave Netflix. Last month in November, a lot of horror flicks made their […]

What’s Leaving Netflix in November 2015?

The worst part of Netflix Update is writing the introduction paragraph regarding titles that are leaving and set to expire Netflix. There are a lot of media outlets who provide you a brief overview about what’s leaving Netflix, but we dig deep to find out the complete list every single month. Last month, a whopping […]