Hold the Phone! We Are Saying Goodbye to One Tree Hill??

As we have heard, the contracting between Netflix and the CW has been a little funky… It isn’t like the normal contracting that we see with the usual networks where they place their content on Netflix for a certain amount of time and then take it off after that accrued amount of time is up. […]

Titles Leaving Netflix September 2017

Personally, I love getting bad news before good news. That gives me a chance to drown out the bad parts, right? While there isn’t a time that we are ever excited to see this list, there is one good thing about it… That’s the coming soon to Netflix list. So let’s start off with the […]

Titles Leaving Netflix in August 2017

The list is here and it’s just beginning. Often times this list makes people angry with the titles that are leaving. These titles give other titles the ability to come to Netflix each month. For example, the coming to Netflix list is bound to be great for August of 2017 but what are the shows […]

Titles Leaving Netflix July 2017

It’s that time again… The great and mighty, leaving Netflix list. The list that most avid Netflix user dread, hate, despise due to the fact that you lose titles. Although more likely than not, the titles that leave Netflix aren’t titles going to affect you too badly, but it still stinks to see the titles […]

Warning! Binge Watch Now Before They Take Futurama Away!

Hold the phone… Word on the street is that Fururama is being pulled from Netflix… The reason? FOX pulled their licensing. Back in 2015 Fox hinted that they are cutting ties with streaming services or those that don’t have paid cable services due to a decline in services; This means that they are cutting ties with […]

What Are We Saying Goodbye to on Netflix for June 2017?

The first day of the month is always the hardest, especially for those who are avid “Neflixers”. There are tons of sad feelings when we see the list for the first day of the month. But we must remember that with these list of titles leaving, there are an equal amount, if not more, titles […]

Bored With Your Regular Stuff? Here Are Some Titles Coming To Netflix This Week

How did we live life without Netflix? We live in a day and age where we can watch 6 episodes of a show in a row while twenty years ago, that was impossible. We can watch great documentaries like Black Fish or shows like Orange is the New Black at the touch of our fingers. Breaking things […]

What’s Leaving Netflix in April 2017

What’s Leaving Netflix in April 2017 are some titles that are sure to be missed.  So before it’s too late subscribers might want to check these out.  See our list of titles coming soon to Netflix in April 2017. What’s Leaving Netflix in April 2017 LEAVING APRIL 1 Ally McBeal: Seasons 1 – 5 Angel: Seasons […]