Kids Halloween Movies on Netflix! They Won’t Want Candy Now!

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Kids Halloween Movies On Netflix

kid-halloweenTrick or Treat!

We gave you Best Halloween Movies on Netflix but we don’t want to forget the kiddos.  During the “candy coma”  you might need some down time with the little monsters and witches.  Less scary, more fun with these Kids Halloween Movies available on Netflix.

Kids Halloween Movies

Ages 0-8

(These movies are appropriate for this age group however, they are all pretty spooktacular and any ages could enjoy them.)


Curious George: A Halloween Boofest


Room on the Broom

Where’s God When I’m Scared

Dear Dracula

The Box Trolls 

Caspar’s Scare School

Dreamworks Spooky Stories 2


Ages 8-12

These titles are still all PG but the story may suitable for  more mature kids.  Some movies have made both age groups because they are just  that cool!



Corpse Bride

The Box Trolls 



Girl Vs Monster

Mummy I’m a Zombie

Hotel Transylvania 2

Spooky Buddies

Vampire Dog

Casper’s Scare School


Go grab your hot cider and popcorn as you prepare to hold hands and snuggle through any of these movies.  When the kids are through and dreaming in their beds you may want to try out some of the other “adult” choices that are sure to scare you so much you may need someone to hold your hand.



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