The Keepers: Better Than Making a Murderer?

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We all remember the show Making a Murderer, the show where Steven Avery is his own advocate in this murder mystery. Avery feels as though that local law enforcement is corrupt, trying to pin a murder on him that he claims he didn’t do. So what does he do? He decides to represent himself. We have no idea where the ending will lead and that is what makes it so good. But what of the new Netflix Original The Keepers?

The Run Down

Sister Catherine Cesnik was a model teacher, she was young, spirited, and understood the youth that she taught. She taught at the Archbishop Keough High school in Baltimore, Maryland. Sister Cesnik taught English and Drama and was loved by all. So why was she murdered? The fact that she was murdered does not change the fact that she was loved by many students and colleagues.

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She was said to be abducted and killed on November 7, 1969 when she was out shopping for an engagement present for her sister. She never returned from her exciting trip and her body was not found until January 3, 1970 miles away from where her car had been found.

It’s Bigger Than Making a Murderer

The main difference in these documentaries are the sides they take. In making a murdered, we follow Steven Avery through his trials and tribulations as he tries to free himself from the murder that he claims he did not commit. The Keepers, however, is a totally different approach.

Take this how you want, but “The Keepers” aren’t the nuns that ran the school or the corrupt priests that made things run the way they wanted. The Keepers are the ones that had a connection with Sister Catherine, the ones that bared a secret close to their soul. The sad thing? This show isn’t to find out “whodunit”, but it’s more to find out why.

The Web of Lies

In the meantime of finding out why, we see the line of victims come out of the woodwork to make their claim of sexual abuse. These dark allegations weren’t made by just a few girls here and there, there were dozens of women that came out with these claims years later that Father Joseph Maskell was the source of the abuse.

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The web of lies makes this show that much darker. The main focus is Catherine Cesnik and her untold story, a way to get it out to the world so to speak, but the web of lies that come to the surface make the story even more sordid and sad.

Some Would Say…

Some would say that these two shows are the same. Making a Murderer shows us that even those that fall victim of not only circumstance, but also of a corrupt system, that there is a bright side. Do we ever see the bright side in The Keepers? Not really. There is one dark occurrence after another. The names of the shows says it all. Making a Murderer literally shows the making of a murderer, even if Avery is innocent. The Keepers showcases decades of secrets, lies, and corruption held by those that kept them close to their hearts.

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In both of these shows, we genuinely don’t know what has happened, we don’t know who did it, we see how law enforcement dropped the ball on so many things that could have been better handled to come one step closer to solving the case. While there are similarities between the two shows, there are definite reasons that The Keepers seems more dark, enticing, and engulfing as the web of lies unfold.


Season two for Making a Murderer will be announced at a later date, but should make an appearance sometime in the later months of 2017. What do you think? Were you more hooked to Making a Murderer or have you been glued to the screen with The Keepers? Tell us why one or the other is your favorite!


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