Just in Time for Stranger Things Season 2–See Why Customers are Furious

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Netflix is by far, many things, to many people. There are tons of shows and movies on Netflix that are enjoyed by fans every single day. Each person has their go to show or movie that they like to watch.

But Lately, it seems like Netflix has done nothing right in the eyes of their customers. There seems to be more angry customers shouting about how their favorite show was taken off Netflix or why their favorite show was never on there at all.

Some customers suggested a clean slate for the streaming company, to wipe it clean and start over. They’ve suggested doing this so that customers get to see what they really want to see like more of Sense8 and the next season of Longmire.

While it may not seem like it to you, Netflix does have a plan for why their content is the way that it is. Contracting is a strange thing. They’ve got to “hook, line, and sinker” the cable companies to get the shows that they want.

Sort of like in construction for commercial buildings. Construction companies will place bids to win over the buyer, in this case, Netflix is the construction company. They place their bid for the show, but if Hulu places a higher bid? Hulu gets the contract.

Make sense? Well, now Netflix has come up with even more of a stipulation. Their fees. Just in time for the Stranger Things season 2 premier on October 27, Netflix is raising their fees, yet again, on October 19. If you’re an existing customer, you’re safe until then. But for new customers, the new price plan has already been implemented.

The basic streaming package of one screen is still $7.99. But most of us are paying the $9.99 for the two-screen-simultaneous-viewing. The premium package that was offered was four four screens of simultaneous viewing was $11.99.

The new prices are in and will begin on October 19 with a new billing cycle. The basic package will remain the same, not being touched. But the standard and the premium packages will be impacted.

The standard will go from $9.99 to $10.99 plus tax and the premium package will go from $11.99 to $13.99 pus tax. While this isn’t a huge hike, this is still a reason to get angry at the streaming service. Many viewers think, “We aren’t even getting the shows that we really want to see, why should we pay more?”

The answer? Netflix still has packages cheaper than Hulu and the Netflix is definitely cheaper than cable. If you’re not willing to pay for cable, you must at least be willing to wait for your shows to come to Netflix if you’re want to take the cheaper route.

While fans are angry, this could benefit you in the long run as you may see more content that you want to see added from the money that they’ve come in to from raising the prices. You will be angry for a few minutes over the price raise, but will you really cancel your services over it? Tell Netflix what you want to see so that they can hear it directly from their customers.

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