Jessica Jones– The Most Watched Marvel Show On Netflix?

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There are tons of titles, shows, and movies on Netflix. There is a variety of genres streaming online. With all these titles lurking around we’ve hear tons of questions and comments about the content. But one question has come to our plate… The question that has come to our attention? “Is Jessica Jones the most watched Marvel show on Netflix?” To answer that question… Yes, it is. Here is why.

The cast– First, David Tenant, also known as the tenth doctor from Doctor Who plays the villain we all love to hate. Kilgrave, the guy who can control anyone with mind power. He can turn even the best person bad, making them kill or harm others for his benefit.

Second, Mike Coulter, the Power Man who plays Luke Cage in the show. More than likely ladies watch for the hot, sinewy muscles and men watch for the absolute badness (in a good way) to see how cool he is.

Third? Well, Kyrsten Ritter who plays Jessica Jones. She is one cool chick when it comes to playing Jessica Jones. She has the character down and fans have fallen in love with her. If you’re not familiar with the show, you’ll learn that it is out of the ordinary.

It is the perfect mix of fantasy and reality when it comes to real life problems and the everyday super hero issues. Jessica Jones was a super-strength super hero that was controlled by the shows villain, Killgrave.

We find out in later in the show that she is the reason Luke Cage’s wife is dead which causes turmoil for the two after they’ve formed a relationship. There are so many questions that come with this this show that leave us on the edge of our seats.

There is joy and excitement, a wonder that we can’t leave go when we watch Jessica Jones. So you ask why Jessica Jones is the most watched Marvel show on Netflix? Because the show has it all. It’s got love and romance, hardships of life, it’s got fantasy and reality, but most importantly, it’s got a story line that everyone can follow and fall in love with.

There aren’t too many shows on Netflix that have all of that wrapped in a bow. Jessica Jones is the total package when it comes to tv shows. The good news about this, the second season of Jessica Jones should be on Netflix by late 2017, we are hoping by November or December.

What do you think of Marvel’s number one hit? Do you want to see more or were you ok leaving it? Tell us what you think! We’d love to hear from you!

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