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Jane The Virgin , Season 3, can fans of this popular series stream it on Netflix?  It all started when Jane Villanueva, the daughter of a teen mom, grew up determined not to repeat her mom’s mistake. She vows to remain a virgin till she is married.    At 23, her life is on track; Jane is studying to be a teacher, and she is engaged to a handsome detective who supports her decision to remain a virgin until marriage, but a routine visit to the clinic turns her life upside down. Inseminated by a specimen meant for a patient in the next room.  Jane is in a situation made only crazier when she finds out that the sperm donor is her boss, Rafael who she met years ago.  As her well planned out  life gets more like the telenovelas she loves, she faces a lot of difficult decisions about her  future.  


Jane The Virgin Cast




Jane the Virgin is an American romantic satire telenovela developed by Jennie Snyder Urman, The first and second series are available on Netflix.  It doens’t look like Season 3 will not be available anytime soon.   Here’s what was reported for season 3.





The crazy, hilarious  love triangle shared by Jane, Michael Cordero and Rafael Solano has kept the ball rolling for the past two seasons of “Jane the Virgin.”  But will a new love interest emerge for Jane in Season 3?  It may be possible since “Young and the Restless” star Miles Gaston Villanueva has just been cast as Sam – Jane’s old crush.

miles image

Sam was in Jane’s life long before she met either Michael and Rafael. He is described as “intellectual and sexy,” which is just the kind of guy Jane likes.  Of course, this new character’s entrance to the show does not come without any surprising twists. His connection to Jane has a startling impact on the present, although what that is still remains a mystery.

It looks like Season 3 will be crazier the season two, which was crazier than season one!  Season 3 will premier on the CW in October of 2016 so Netflix subscribers will probably see Season 3 in 2017.   We will keep you posted but till then get caught up on this Telenovela.






“Jane the Virgin” Season 3 will premiere on Monday, October 17, 2016 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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