Is The Office Available on Netflix?

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The Office

The Office , the hit television comedy,  that tells a story of a group of disgruntled office workers.  Micheal Scott(Steve Carell), the boss,  is the leader of most of the shenanigans at Dunder Mifflin paper company in Scranton, PA.

There are a few things  that makes The Office stand out, one is the use of single-camara filming.   Two, there were no studio audiences or laugh tracks, which allows its humor to come across clearly.  Three, the camera crew films the characters non-stop through out the day as if filming a documentary.  The camera’s presence is acknowledged through out the show by the cast, especially Steve Carell character,  who tends to be very enthusiastic about it .  One on one confessional are given to the camera adding to the feel of a real documentary.


With  the main cast consisting of Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, B. J. Novak, Ed Helms,James Spader and Jenna Fisher the series was destined to be a success.  The characters are funny and believable as well as relate able.   Jim, Pam, Micheal and Dwight we all have one if not all of them in our office.

Starting out,  The Office was met with mixed reviews from critics,  The Guardian Review stated “Steve Carell just seems to be  trying to hard…..”.  By season two the series had improved and had been included in a few of the top TV series lists including Top TV series, New TV Classics and Top 100 Best TV Shows of All Times.

The shows success has reached far beyond television making promotional items including characters appearing on items for NBC, board games, video game, motivational posters, and t-shirts popular among pop culture.




Yes,  The Office is available on Netflix,  all nine seasons.  Netflix subscribers should add this to their queue and binge watch this from the beginning to incredible end.

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