Is the Flash Season Four on Netflix?

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While we have heard the sad news of Disney terminating their contract with Netflix to form a reliance with ESPN to create their own personalized streaming service. While Disney is a big name, it is the names that go with Disney that make them leaving a big deal. George Lucas films and Marvel titles will be leaving Netflix in 2019.

While Marvel films and shows may be leaving Netflix, DC Comics will still be there for you to enjoy. One of the titles that you have been waiting for? The Flash. While season three is on Netflix USA, season four has yet to be uploaded. The show premiered on cable in May of 2017 but we’ve yet to see it on Netflix.

We know the show starts out with an average Joe, Barry Allen, a center city forensic analysis for the police. There is a mysterious force in the air that causes a massive particle accelerator accident– This leads to Barry being struck by lighting inside his laboratory.

After the lightning strike, Barry and his fellow lab geeks learn that they can move at super human speed. Barry and his friends discover that not only can they move at super human speed, they also have super human powers. But they aren’t the only ones.

They have discovered that there are others in the world like them that have suffered from this lightning strike, but the other are mostly using their powers for bad and evil. Barry and his friends want to use their powers for the greater good.

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Flash forward…pun intended, to season three. Tons of things have happened. In the season finale of season three we see The Flash and his buddies standing the test of time against Killer Frost and Savitar. Fans had their suspicions of who they thought the Savitar was– Starting with Julian Albert and Barry Allen– But future Barry Allen that has traveled back in time from 2056.

Fans have been wondering for a while who the Savitar could have been. Once his true identity was revealed, the group has to prepare for a final, epic battle with the God of Speed. The battle isn’t show, just the battle prep, which is probably why fans are so anxious for season four to come to Netflix.

We are expecting to see The Flash season four on Netflix in May of 2018. While it is a long wait, it will be here before we know it. What will happen with the battle? Who will win? Who will lose? Who will be affected the most in this situation? Stay tuned for May of 2018!

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