Is “Rules of Engagement” available on Netflix?

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Rules of Engagement Season 7 Finale Is Here




Rules of Engagement is a sitcom that aired on CBS for over 6 years.  The series was produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions which tells us this one is going to be funny, for sure.

The story is of two couples and their single womanizing friend they deal with complcations of dating, marriage and life in general.  The characters are all in different stages of relationships, first there is long time married couple Jeff and Audry ( Patrick Warburton and Megyn Price), the freshly engaged head over heels couple Adam and Jennifer ( Oliver Hudson and Bianca Kajlich) and of course we couldn’t forget single friend Russell (David Spade).  The friends often meet at “The Island Diner” to discuss their issues (sounds a bit like a coffee house called Central Perk.)


  • Patrick Warburton

  •  Jeff Bingham, husband of Audrey.   He brushes off  anything that might resemble sensitivity and often views his marriage as a competition, refusing to let Audrey “win” the upper hand at anything.  He is also very cheap to the extent where he will buy socks in New Jersey to avoid paying additional tax on them – and tries to discourage Audrey from overspending while planning for their future.


 Don’t play dumb with me. It’s a game you can’t win.Jeff Bingham

  • Megyn Price

    Audrey Bingham, formerly from Lincoln, Nebraska is the assertive wife of Jeff.  She tolerates her husband’s insensitivity because she knows he is not malicious.   As a couple, they both can be very condescending and manipulative towards each other, in order to gain the upper hand.   Audrey likes to think of herself as kind, cultured and smarter than her friends. She desperately wants to be liked by persons and/or impress them, but her attempts at being charitable and sociable often end in her becoming frustrated, either as a result of her own awkwardness or due to Jeff’s manners.

  • Oliver Hudson

    Adam Rhodes, a sensitive and extremely naive – co-worker of Russell.  He looks up to Jeff, and often acts on Jeff’s relationship advice (which is hardened by years of marriage) to attempt to receive more frequent sexual relations with Jennifer. This usually results in making the situation worse for himself.   Most times because of his naivete ( borderline stupidity), people find it hard to explain things to him. He cannot keep secrets and rarely thinks before he speaks.

  • Bianca Kajlich

  • Jennifer Rhodes, the charismatic live-in fiancée of Adam.  She can easily manipulate Adam into doing whatever she wants, but often feels guilty about it afterward.   She and Adam are often naive about their relationship as they typically assume they won’t end up fighting like Jeff & Audrey. However, despite their best efforts, this often backfires.
  • David Spade

    Russell Dunbar-Patel, a womanizing single friend of the main characters.   Russell is fast-talking, and is an eternal optimist when it comes to women.  He is often made fun of due to his height (especially by Jeff).  He also frequently uses his wealth to lure women and do whatever he wants.

“I kinda did” – Russell

Overall, Rules of Engagement is funny times 10 and can now be seen on Netflix.  For more great comedies  check out

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