Is From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Available on Netflix?

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Another Netflix Original Series is a Hit!

From Dusk Till Dawn had a rocky start to the first season. Mostly due to  the plot of the first movie, viewers had to sit through a 10-hour adaptation of a 108-minute movie. By the middle of the season when it started deviating from the film’s plot it started picking up speed.  By the time Season Two was available it had improved on the first, as it was able to fully break away from the film’s storyline.   Which brings us to Season Three, which may be the best season of From Dusk Till Dawn yet.

The third season takes a different approach consisting of  offering up a monster-of-the-week that works.   From a scorpion man to camouflage motorcycle warriors, there is a wide variety of monsters for our characters to face, each with a unique tactic that prevents the show from getting old.

As the second season ended with Santaánico and the Gecko brothers parting ways, while Kate was murdered and possessed by the blood in the mysterious blood well.   Season 3 picks up with the Gecko brothers, now acting as guardians for the seven remaining culebra lords.


Some new characters introduced this season

Nicky Whelan-  pops up in the fourth episode as a mysterious bar patron.

Ana De la Reguera (from Jane the Virgin) has a brief stint as one of the seven culebra lords and gets to trade barbs with Holt and Cotrona.

Tom Savini- The master of special effects himself, pops up in the third episode as a pot smoking demon hunter named Burt.

For a show with such a small budget, it certainly makes the most of it.  Gore lovers will find plenty of heads being ripped off, faces detaching and intestines being  spilled.

Fans of the first two seasons of From Dusk Till Dawn will find plenty to like about Season 3. It all becomes available September 7,2016.

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