Iron Fist Release Date, Cast and Trailer For New Series.

iron fist release date

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Iron Fist release date is getting closer and closer.   Luke Cage has been all the talk for months now but let’s talk about what can we expect from Marvel’s newest series?

iron fist release date

Marvel’s Iron Fist

First,  Iron Fist is being played by Finn Jones who most of us know from the  Game of Thrones series on HBO.   Second, there will be a lot of martial arts.  Iron Fist has incredible kung fu skills.  Third, Danny Rand has the ability to summon the mystical power of Iron Fist.

The Plot

Since Danny Rand has been missing for years he is trying to reconnect with a legacy as well as his past.  He starts fighting (in secret)  the crime around his world with the kung fu skills he has learned while he was away.  The power of the mystical force know as Iron Fist allows him to focus his Chi.  The “Iron Fist”  can strike with superhuman hardness and impact, posing no pain or injury to Danny.  Summoning the power does leave him physically and mentally exhausted though.  He can focus to heal others and give himself psychic abilities to fuse with others.

Iron Fist Release Date and Cast

Iron Fist made his first apprearance in the 70’s partnering with Luke Cage in Heroes for Hire.  Now,  Netflix has scheduled the reprise of the character in a new original series which is set to release on March 17, 2017.

Cast Of Marvel’s Iron Fist:

Finn Jones–  Daniel Rand/ Iron Fist the superhero, billionaire, and martial arts master.

Jessica Henwick- Colleen Wing, Rands ally who runs her own dojo in New York City.

Jessica Stroup- Joy Meachum is the daughter of Harold, she has spent her life building up the Rand Enterprise.  Joy “loves” Danny but she is threatened that all her work will be undone by Rand’s return.

David Wenham……..Harold Meachum the partners of Rand’s parents at the time of their deaths.

Rosario Dawson…..Clarie Temple, a former nurse who joins Wing’s New York City Dojo.

As of now there is no word that any of the other Defenders will make an appearance in this series.   Iron Fist Release Date is one that all Marvel fans have been waiting for since the release of Luke Cage.

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