Image Research is Done by Netflix

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Image Research Done by Netflix

Why do Americans click on certain pictures and not others?

It’s one of the greatest  mysteries on the Internet: with a bazillion images in front of  us  every day, what makes us click on one instead of another? Are some pictures just more appealing, or is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

Netflix has been questioning these profound specific reasons  for years.   After all, images are critical to getting you to binge (right?): A small, compelling thumbnail could mean the difference between getting you to spend the entire weekend watching Stranger Things or losing interest and renting a movie at the redbox.

A powerful picture is an incredible tool:   A few milliseconds is all it takes for the human brain to process an image, so the right picture can spark someone’s interest.

Research indicates that looking at images not only prompts users to watch content, but accounted for most of their time spent browsing (as opposed to, say, reading movie titles or descriptions).  Members will  spend only 1.8 seconds considering each title.

“We know that if you don’t capture a member’s attention within 90 seconds, he or she will likely lose interest and move on to another activity,” Netflix’s global manager for creative services.

What leads subscribers to click the 3 main facts are revealed.

3 people or less

One of Netflix’s earliest findings was that interest dropped off when an image showing more than three people was   used. It seems that users find it hard to focus, and may not be able to absorb hints about the story.

 Expressions Make A Difference

This interesting fact that Netflix discovered is that people tend to focus more on images of people displaying exaggerated expressions over stoic or solemn ones.

Villains  Vs. Heroes……Villains Win!

Netflix found that members responded better to recognizable villainous characters over pictures of the hero.



The facts found while doing image research are very interesting , they may make you think about what shows you are binge watching and why.


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