I Am Mother: The Dystopian Netflix Film That Will Make You Think

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When you usually think of robots and the future, especially where movies are concerned, the first thing that comes to mind is probably that they’re going to take over the world. The poor misplaced or wiped out human’s time is up, and it’s the robots who get to rule all. If you saw the Netflix film trailer for I Am Mother, you might wonder why a robot then is raising a child. A human child.

Certainly, she couldn’t have feelings for this human. Or could she?

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We begin in a facility full of embryos and a robot who calls herself Mother. When she chooses an embryo to grow into a baby in a make-shift womb, we get to watch Mother, well…mother. We see her cuddle and care. We see her teach and nurture. It makes us question what it is to be a mother. Do you have to be human to mother a child?

The answer is an emphatic no, according to this story.

Mother begins with Daughter and a promise: When the time is right, she will grow more babies, and they will all be a family. Okay, so you’re wondering what the point is. The point of this whole thing is that Mother is tasked with re-populating the Earth. The question is: Who tasked her?

There was some unknown catastrophic event that wiped out the human population. The air outside Mother and Daughter’s facility is unbreathable, and she is the last person on the entire planet.

At least that’s what she’s told.

And she believes Mother because why not? Mother has raised Daughter and has always done everything to take care of her. Daughter has no reason not to trust her and no reason to believe Mother would lie.

But when Hilary Swank comes a-callin’, Daughter quickly discovers that there are humans left on Earth and the catastrophic event was carried out by robots. Robots who look exactly like Mother.

So, what’s a girl to do? Doubt the only family she’s ever known for the word of this stranger?

Under normal circumstances, you probably wouldn’t believe a stranger over your own mother, but humans are curious creatures. They’re also social creatures. And there’s no way this teenage girl who’s been locked up with no human to talk to is going ignore what’s right in front of her — another human.

Yes, this is a story about robots and the future. And yes, this story is a cautionary tale of what could be in store for all of us. But this story is also about family and what it means to be a Mother.

And if you think you know how I Am Mother is going to end, I can assure you — you don’t.

When you finish watching the film, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. It’s a movie that makes you wonder what you would do in Daughter’s position and in Mother’s.

And I have to admit, the concept is pretty genius. I mean, what better way to save humanity than to have little embryos stored in a facility only to be activated upon our extinction. After all, we have a storage facility for every seed known to man do we not? Why wouldn’t we do that to save the human race?

So, watch I Am Mother. And once you have, come back and tell us what you think about it in the comments!

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