‘House of Cards’ Resurrected for Final Season, Netflix Confirms

Netflix hit series, "House of Cards" Season 6 has been in limbo since Kevin Spacey, who played the lead role, was ousted. Robin Wright House of Cards Season 6

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Netflix hit series, House of Cards Season 6 has been in limbo since Kevin Spacey, who played the lead role, was ousted.

Spacey’s sudden exit left the fans of the political drama not only short a decent human being, but also in the lurch. Netflix has announced, however, that closure is coming. Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, had this to say during UBS’s Global Media and Communications Conference in New York:

“We were really excited we could get to an agreement … for the conclusion of the show.”

House of Cards Season 6 in the Works

Since October, the 370 crew members and millions of fans have been in limbo. Now, the answer announced by Netflix has many feeling it takes just the right tone. Robin Wright — who plays Claire Underwood — will lead the cast when they return to film again next year. The show has run since 2013 – and her fans say it’s about time she got that spotlight.

Netflix took a stand over the production of House of Cards, refusing to be involved with any form of production that had Spacey in it. In light of the horrendous accusations against the actor, that makes this choice to put Wright in the lead just a little sweeter. The show must go on, and this time, it went in the right direction.

Taking the Road Less Traveled.

That direction, according to Deadline, is “bring closure of the show for fans.” By allowing a strong woman to close it out, many feel they have created a perfect metaphor. Or, as writer Jessica Blankenship put it on Twitter:

For yet others, this choice is simply logical, as Claire (Wright) has always been in the lead.

The “House of Cards” 6th and final season will feature only eight episodes instead of the normal 13. However, with the massive upheaval in the Cards universe, it promises to pack a complex storyline into a small package.

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