Top 11 Horror Titles on Netflix Right Now

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In preparation for Stephen King’s ‘IT’, we thought we would do a list of horror favorites. Check out the top eleven on Netflix right now. Let us know what you think of the list. Tell us if your favorite title isn’t on the list. We love hearing from you. But without further ado, here are the top 11 horror titles on Netflix right now!

Sleepy Hollow

Year Released: 1999

Rating: [usr 3.7]

Actors: Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane and Christina Ricci as Katrina Van Tassel

After three people are beheaded by a mysterious source, Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate the source. It is suspected that the source is the mysterious legend, the Headless Horseman.


Year Released: 2016

Rating: [usr 3.3]

Actors: John Gallagher Jr as the Man and Kate Siegel as Maddie

Image being deaf, living in a silent world. Maddie does just that. It’s easier to live a solitary life in the woods than it is being around people. As a writer, solitude is better. Why not get away to a peaceful home in the middle of nowhere? Living a peaceful life, until she isn’t. A masked killer shows up. He thinks he has it easy.


Year Released: 2012

Rating: [usr 2.9]

Actors: Ross Noble as Stitches

After a normal birthday party, the clumsy and unfunny clown, Stitches, does his thing. The kids aren’t amused when it comes to his generic pranks. They try their hand at making him more funny when it comes to being a clown. After a mishap with their tricks, stitches dies. But what happens six years later? He comes back to haunt the same group of people, of course.


Year Released: 2014

Rating: [usr 2.9]

Actors: Andy Powers as Kent, Laura Allen as Meg, and Peter Stormare as Karlsson

You do everything that you can to make your kids happy, to make them laugh. You even go as far as finding a clown suit and dressing up for their birthday. Things take a turn for the worse for this dad when he realized that the suit he has found, is cursed.

Would You Rather

Year Released: 2012

Rating: [usr 3.0]

Actors: Brittany Snow as Iris and Jeffrey Combs as Shepard Lambrick

Desperate to help her brother, Iris says she will do anything. She doesn’t know that anything means a deadly game of “Would You Rather”. A night of horror hosted by sadistic aristocrat will be life changing.

The Exorcism of Molly Hartley

Year Released: 2015

Rating: [usr 2.3]

Actors: Sarah Lind as Molly Hartley and Devon Sawa as Father John Barrow

If you’ve seen The Haunting of Molly Hartley you know that this is no joke. Years after the haunting, Molly is now an adult. She has fallen under possession of an evil spirit. Molly relies on a fallen priest to exorcise the demon. Will it work?

The Shining

Year Released: 1980

Rating: [usr 4.2]

Actors: Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance, Shelley Duvall as Wendy Torrance, and Danny Lloyd as Danny.

After migrating to a hotel for the winter, an unknowing family thinks they are just there for a winter vacation. They aren’t aware of the evil presence that resides there that causes the father to turn into a violent and evil human. The worst part? The son has the gift of sight and sees the past and the present– It isn’t pretty.


Year Released: 2012

Rating: [usr 3.0]

Actors: Calvin Reed as Gary, Lane Huges as Zak, Kantucker Audley as Rox, and Adam Wingard as Brad

Its the Breakfast Club all over again. Except it’s not. A group of misfits are hired by a third party to break into a home to steal a rare VHS. They’ve got no idea that they’ve discovered rare footage that they didn’t want to see.

Dead Silence

Year Released: 2007

Rating: [usr 3.1]

Actors: Ryan Kwanten as Jamie Ashen and Amber Valletta as Ella Ashen

After a young widower has suffered the loss of his wife, he wants answers. To get answers he has to return home. He will search and search for answers, but what he will find, won’t be what it seems. He can’t believe that his wife’s death was related to the ghost of a murdered ventriloquist.

The Houses October Built

Year Released: 2014

Rating: [usr 2.9]

Actors: Brandy Schaefer as Brandy, Zack Andrews as Zack, Bobby Roe as Bobby, Mikey Roe as Mikey, and Jeff Larson as Jeff

Five friends go on the adventure of a lifetime when they endeavor to go to find the world’s scariest attraction. As they are traveling they come across a group of people that are stalking them– The stalking soon turns into a dangerous game.

American Horror Story

Year Released: 2011

Rating: [usr 4.1]

Seasons: 5 season on Netflix, 6 seasons completed and aired on cable.

From one season to another there are different story lines that really allow the characters to form and develop. There are a total of five seasons on Netflix with around 12 episodes in each season. That’s a whole lot of time for binge watching!

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