Hold the Phone! We Are Saying Goodbye to One Tree Hill??

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As we have heard, the contracting between Netflix and the CW has been a little funky… It isn’t like the normal contracting that we see with the usual networks where they place their content on Netflix for a certain amount of time and then take it off after that accrued amount of time is up. So what does that mean for One Tree Hill and the other CW shows?

The CW and Netflix do things a little differently. It is a case by case basis and most shows from the CW are the new and up and coming shows. If you have not noticed, there are not many shows on Netflix that are older, like Veronica Mars or 7th Heaven.

The reason? These shows are older, while they may have been popular back in the day, more than likely, they’ve been watched a time or two by their fans. Fans today are gaga over shows like The Originals and The Vampire Diaries because the content is fresh and new.

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So this is where One Tree Hill Comes in… While the content may never get old to some, there are definite opinions about the show. Fans want to see new and fun content, not the old boring content that keeps playing over and over again.

The show, created in 2003, isn’t old but it surely isn’t up to date with the content norm and more than likely, everyone that wants to watch episodes of One Tree Hill have seen them all. The show ended in 2012 with 9 seasons. We followed the cast as they grew up and learned the ropes of life.

We watched as step-brothers, Lucas and Nathan battled with each other in the beginning to becoming family in throughout the later seasons. They battle with each other on and off the court. They find love, the lose love, and they grow up. That is difficult to do when you’re a teenage boy with angsty hormones rushing around inside of you.

Boys will be boys and they have to learn at some point. It takes a while, but the show mellows out and finds a way to tug at your heart strings. It is a real life show that makes you laugh, cry, and get angry. We all remember in One Tree Hill season 6 when Lucas and Peyton had their little one and Hayley and Nathan faced their dreams.

That is why fans are so enraged to see what’s leaving Netflix in October. Is One Tree leaving Netflix? The answer– Yes. Unfortunately, One Tree Hill has over-stayed it’s welcome. OTH will be taken off of Netflix in October– Sad, but true.

What do you think about this news? Are you sad? Indifferent? Don’t really care? Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you!

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