Heroin(e)– Netflix for the Win on this Documentary!

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Lately the things we’ve seen on Netflix has been complete and utter garbage (Sorry, Netflix, but it’s true). We’ve seen previews about American Vandal–The series about graffiti drawn dick. We’ve watched Disjointed and many were disappointed when they found out that it was cheesy and had a laugh track to ruin the little humor that was in it.

But now… Kudos to Netflix for touching on a topic that is a legit concern in our world today. Did you know that around 9.2 million people use heroin each year? While the signs show, heroin is deadly. Around 8,000 people die each year from heroin use. While this is a serious problem we’ve got in the world, we don’t see much about it on social media or large platforms like Netflix.

But Netflix has changed that. They’ve decided to come out with a documentary that will showcase the epidemic that has taken over. This documentary will come out on September 12 and it will be called Heroin(e).

In the documentary, we will see three women trying to make a difference with this epidemic. Who are the people that see this the most? First responders and crisis centers. Throw in the the church and you’ve got a slew of stories to hear in regards to this.

The ladies that we will follow will be Fire Chief, Jan Rader, Necia Freeman of Brown Bag Ministry, and Cabell County Judge Patricia Keller and the opioid crisis center. They will lead us through the documentary that takes place in Huntington, West Virginia.

These three ladies are the heroines of the story, but by no means a higher power. They are doing what they can within their means to get help for those that need help. Think of this documentary more as a realization rather than an intervention to those that use or suffer from the abuse of heroin.

What do you think about a documentary about something that is so real and raw? Making a Murderer and The Keepers were nail-biting, they kept you on the edge of your seat, for sure. But what about something that may hit close to home like abuse? Let us know what you think about this documentary and don’t forget to watch on September 12 when it makes it debut to the Netflix world.

If you or someone you know suffers from addiction, please seek help and counseling. Know that you aren’t alone.

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