Here is What Everyone is Saying About Dave Chappelle’s New Stand Up

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We all have our favorite stand-up comedians. There are tons out there claiming to be the best and some are. But there is one that comes to mind when you think of laughing so hard your cry, becoming offended but not even really caring, and totally agreeing with what he has to say even it if may be politically incorrect. The man that needs no introduction, but has an introduction all to himself, I present to you, Dave Chappelle, previously from the Dave Chappelle show.

Why This is Monumental

It’s been over ten years since Mr. Chappelle put anything new out on the market. His über successful show The Chappelle Show ended back in 2006. So Dave Chappelle coming to Netflix is a really big deal.

Thing Critics Are Saying

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Elise Czajkowski from the Guardian says, “What feels remarkable about Chappelle’s two new Netflix stand-up specials, The Age of Spin and Deep in the Heart of Texas, is just how unremarkable he seems. All the hype and controversy are put into context at the simplicity of a guy with a mic telling jokes on a stage. Chappelle’s new specials, especially The Age of Spin, are worth watching, but they’re not instant classics.”

Jesse David from Fox says, “Just like the two hours I watched 14 years ago, watching these two hours makes it feel like Chappelle is working toward something. It’s his way of telling us, ‘I’m around, I’m doing shows, and I’m having a great time.'”

Jason Zinoman from The New York Times says, “Is Mr. Chappelle about to be the first major comic to defend Mr. Cosby? He is not, but what he does do is articulate more passionately than anyone else in popular culture what a devastating loss it is that the cultural legacy of Mr. Cosby is being wiped away from popular memory. As a comic who grew up in the 1970s and ’80s, Mr. Chappelle explains how much Mr. Cosby meant to him without playing down the accusations. Still, it takes guts to close a show, as he does, with an argument for complexity in our assessment of Mr. Cosby, and Mr. Chappelle’s daring, his insistence on challenging his audience, his eagerness to go there, is what makes the arrival of these specials such an invigorating — and possibly polarizing — event.

Review from Jason Zinoman continued, “That material appears to be older, with references to the Ray Rice, Paula Deen and Donald Sterling scandals. Some of his provocations, like a paranoid riff on vaccinations, seem less than fully formed; and the show loses its comic zest in some of his fogeyish umbrage over sensitivity to transgender people. But he does throw out some bar-stool arguments that work nicely as jokes. “I don’t think men should be gynecologists,” he said, calling it “a conflict of interest.”

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Can You Find It On Netflix?

Of course you can! The stand up was released to Netflix on March 21st of this year, but it’s really just getting it’s glory now.

Want more stand up? You can find a list of all our top list of favs here. It’s isn’t often we find people that are totally real, honest, and funny. What do you think about Dave Chappelle’s stand up? Be your own critic and tell us what you think!


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