What Are Some Good Movies on Netflix?

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Good Movies on Netflix there are too many  to choose from.

We made it easy for you with the list of Good Movies on Netfflix.

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The Lovely Bones-

While a family mourns the murder of their daughter she refuses to move into heaven until her story is discovered.


The Pursuit of Happyness

Giving up is not an options as a father(Will Smith) make his way from the streets to success.


Walt before Mickey-

Walt Before Mickey is a Motion Picture depicting the story of Walt Disney’s early years.

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 A young Walt Disney

A Girl like her-

Abused and bullies a girl  tries to commit suicide now a hidden camara may help her get revenge.

The Wave-

A geologist is certain of one thing the mountain is going to explode.

Before we Go-

With only a few hours in New Yorkthat might be all it takes to change their  outlooks.

King Jack-

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Hormones, bullies, summer school and trouble at home the last thing he needs is to worry about someone else.

The Painted Veil-


A loveless marriage can go a million different ways.  Vast, deadly and filled with passion.


Enjoy these good movies on Netflix that may not have appeared on your Netflix.  You will be pleasantly surprised by some of these titles.

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