GLOW Crushed The Ratings and This is What They Are Facing??

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On June 23, 2017 we found that G.L.O.W. or Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was on Netflix. The show on Netflix was a spin off of the show that hit the television screens of everyone in America back in the 80’s. The show back in the 80’s had real women playing their wrestlers.

They hadn’t a clue about what was going on when it came to acting so what you saw back then was real and not acting. They were just everyday women that had a passion for what they wanted to do.

Unlike the original show, Netflix put out a show full of actresses that had no idea what they were doing when it came to wrestling. While they may not have been professional wrestlers, you never would have guessed it from their performance in the show.

The actresses that played each character on GLOW took on the role of the original characters from the original show, some of them were meshed into one character to make for a cleaner and neater cast so that the view had an easier time following and understanding.

If you watched GLOW when it premiered on Netflix, you may have noticed a fun, spoofy, yet serious story line that show the events of how we led up to the finale… Like most shows do… Duh.

In the show we follow, Ruth, a woman that has no prospects. She doesn’t have a job and when she does attempt to get jobs they are nothing more than failures, until the one she goes to, she finally has an opportunity handed to her. That opportunity that was handed to her was on that was unexpected.

Hence the reason that GLOW happened. The show on Netflix follows Ruth as she learns her new gig. She makes friends, breaks friends, and learns about herself. Life isn’t always what it seems, but when it comes to this gig, she will learn more than she thinks about life.

The great thing about knowing that all of season one is on Netflix, knowing that season two will be on Netflix is even better. Season two is coming to Netflix. The sad thing? There was no release date for when it will be here.

GLOW was the fourth comedy that was added to Netflix, the other three? One Day at a Time, Santa Clarita Diet and Dear White People. These comedies were among the others that also got added for season two.


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