New Netflix Original Now Available

“GLITCH” Season 1glitch

Glitch is Now Available!

Netflix Originals are becoming more popular.  Here is  a look into this new original series that has just become available on Netflix.

Coming back from the dead has never been anything more then another zombie flick.  This one is different.  Taking place in Australia the opening scene starts out with a female voice calling for Help.

Sergeant James Hayes response to a  call  to the local cemetery where he finds 6 naked, disoriented people. He begins to  investigate who these people are and where they came from but is shocked to discover that one of them is his girlfriend  who died two years earlier.

As the returned start to ¬†regain their memories one man named ¬†Carlo,who¬†speaks only Italian begins talking about his brother Alessandro. Dr McKellar happens to be treating a man named Alessandro who’s in his 90’s. While James is driving Carlos there they reach the bridge at the edge of town and Carlos experiences a memory. ¬†He gets out of the car and disintegrates into ashes. ¬†It maybe that the returned can not go past this point. ¬† ¬† Finally, as the episode comes to a close, another man is seen digging his way out of his grave.

The first season was awarded Australian television’s two highest accolades for best drama which could mean it will also be a hit here in the states.


  • Patrick Brammall¬†as Sergeant James Hayes
  • Emma Booth¬†as Kate Willis
  • Genevieve O’Reilly¬†as Dr. Elishia McKellar
  • Emily Barclay¬†as Sarah Hayes
  • Ned Dennehy¬†as Paddy Fitzgerald
  • Sean Keenan¬†as Charlie Thompson
  • Daniela Farinacci¬†as Maria Massola
  • Hannah Monson¬†as Kirstie Darrow
  • Andrew McFarlane¬†as Vic Eastley
  • Rodger Corser¬†as John Doe

Unlike other living dead shows this one is not of the zombie nature. ¬†¬† Overall the show is¬†rather¬†great, it’s only 6 episodes long so it’s a nice”in-between-series” series that won’t get you TOO involved but will definitely keep you interested.