Gilmore Girls-A Year In The Life Trailer Hits Netflix

Gilmore Girls will premiere on Netflix this year.

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Gilmore Girls will air on Netflix before Christmas.


Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Trailer Is Here!

Fans have been long awaiting the trip back to Stars Hollow, Connecticut for years.  We are now able to get a glimpse of what is coming in the new series Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life with the trailer that has been released.

It seems a lot of things have been going on with Rory and Lorelai.  It has been reported that Luke and Lorelai are still going strong with the normal ups and downs.

Apparently one of the Gilmore Girls is also set to have a baby.  Fans are wishing it is a Rory/Jess reunion(they would make such cute babies)  chances are it’s Luke and Lorelai.  How will Rory react to a baby brother or sister?  How will Emily react to being a grandma again?

 Will a baby also mean a wedding for viewers to witness?  No one is talking, however Netflix has left a hint for viewers.


Recently, on Netflix Instagram account, there was a picture of an apple put up, and fans will remember Lorelai telling Rory in Season 5 how she craved apples during her first pregnancy! Could it be the apple time of the year again for Lorelai?



As the Gilmore Girls Reunion will be available on Novmber 25, 2016 fans can catch up and new fans can start their trip to Stars Hollow by binge watching the first 7 seasons available on Netflix!

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