Gilmore Girls Reunion coming to Netflix -Update!

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Gilmore Girls Reunion – A Year in The Life.  Fans can add this to their Netflix queue today!   The  4 part reunion is slated to hit Netflix this month!

Here’s what can we expect?

Here’s what we heard according to Netflix  “”Three generations of Gilmore women grapple with change and the complicated bonds of family during one year in Stars Hollow.”    Gilmore woman and their relationships and bond with each other this has always been what fans love about the show.

So you have never watched Gilmore Girls?

 Do you want to know what is all the hype?

The premise of the show is that Lorilai,  a single mom is raising her daughter Rory.  The story focuses on their “friendship” the good times, bad times and all the in between.  There is also interaction with Lorelai and her Mother, Emily  which foreshadows many of the conflicts in the series.   The mother-daughter relationship of Lorelai-Emily and Lorelai-Rory becomes a defining theme of the show.

In the San Francisco Chronicle review of the first season, John Carman said: “It’s cross-generational, warm-the-cockles viewing, and it’s a terrific show.

In anticipation of the Gilmore Girls Reunion everyone can start their trip to Stars Hollow, Connecticut by binge watching the entire series now available on Netflix!

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