When Does Gilmore Girls Start On Netflix?

Gilmore Girls will air on Netflix before Christmas.

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Congratulations Netflix fans! Gilmore Girls is returning back after nearly a decade off the screen and yes, it’ll be on Netflix…soon.

But, when exactly is the revival of Gilmore Girls coming back to Netflix? What date will Gilmore Girls release on Netflix? When will the show debut? You surely must have a lot of questions and we do too. We are as eager as you are to watch the series come back and believe me, I’ll wake up the whole night if I have to, in order to binge-watch Gilmore Girls.

Netflix announced on January 29 this year that the beloved family drama is what they’ve been preparing for this year. And, why should not they? They took away Doctor Who in February and a treat was meant to be.

Gilmore Girls is said to release anytime before Christmas.

Who’s coming back? Well, almost everyone. If you still remember the cast, find below if your favorite artist is going to return on screen or not here:

Here’s everyone that’s confirmed to return:

Lauren Graham (Lorelai)
Alexis Bledel (Rory)
Scott Patterson (Luke)
Kelly Bishop (Emily)
Melissa McCarthy (Sookie)
Sean Gunn (Kirk)
Rose Abdoo (Gypsy)
Liza Weil (Paris)
John Cabrera (Brian Fuller)
Todd Lowe (Zack)
Sebastien Bach (Gil)
Liz Torres (Miss Patty)
Michael Winters (Taylor Doose)
Carole King (Sophie Bloom)
Mike Gandolfi (Andrew)
Yanic Truesdale (Michel)
Tanc Sade (Finn)
Jackson Douglas (Jackson)
David Sutcliffe (Christopher Hayden)
Danny Strong (Doyle)
Vanessa Marano (April)
Emily Kuroda (Mrs. Kim)
Matt Czuchry (Logan)
Milo Ventimiglia (Jess)
Jared Padalecki (Dean)
Sally Struthers (Babette)
Dakin Matthews (Headmaster Charleston)
Jim Jansen (Reverend Skinner)
Alex Borstein (Drella, Miss Celine)
Brian Tarantina (Bootsy)
Grant Lee Phillips (Town Troubadour)
Sparky (Paul Anka)
Aris Alvarado (Caesar)
Nick Holmes (Robert Grimaldi)
Alan Loayza (Colin McCrae)
Ted Rooney (Morey)
Biff Yeager (Tom)
Gregg Henry (Mitchum Huntzberger)

If you are a Max Medina fan, bad luck. She’s not returning back to the show.

Gilmore Girls will premiere on Netflix this year.

But there’s not much to worry and only rejoice as creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and exec producer Dn Palladino are bringing Gilmore Girls back on Netflix.

The show is still being filmed and is said to come in four 90-minute installments anytime this year. Netflix has released the first images from the show recently and there’s a lot to cheer about.

An excitement is invigorated in all of us as Melissa McCarthy announced to reprise her role as chef Sookie St. James and fans already await to watch Gilmore Girls again.

We all know that Gilmore Girls revival is going to happen again but Netflix has been mum about the release date. Though we don’t know when the show will air this year.

Everything we know about the release of Gilmore Girls right now:

1. The news has already been confirmed. Gilmore Girls will air on Netflix in 2016 and run 4 episodes 90-minutes each. No, all the episodes won’t be released the same day.

2. All four episodes have a name according to the creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. The episodes are named according to the seasons and are called Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

3. The original creative team of the show is back. Every episode will be written by Sherman-Palladino while the producing partner and director will be her husband Daniel Palladino.

4. Almost everyone from the previous cast will return back in the show. We’ve already posted a list of all the artists going to be on screen in the Gilmore Girls revival.

5. Melissa McCarthy will appear too. Who can forget the one great chef who made us enjoy? Don’t you remember how she set things on fire?

6. Spoiler Alert. The first show will be about Edward Hermann. Edward played the role of Grandpa Richard Gilmore previously. However, he passed away in 2014 and Amy has already said in an interview that the first script will be about him.

7. We’re going to see a lot of new characters too.

8. Remember Rory? She’ll be single and dating. No, she’s not married. Her past could surely pop up somewhere but we just don’t know yet.

9. The “final four words” is set to be revealed.

Don’t you feel excited? I am, a lot, and I know you are too.

No matter what, we’ll wait through winter, spring, summer and fall to get a glimpse of what the new storyline of Gilmore Girls will be back with. We all love the show so much.

Sadly, there’s no announcement of a release date from Netflix yet. But, we’ve predicted that the show should air at some point before the Christmas.

Write us about how you feel regarding the return of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. If you have any predictions to make about the release date of the show, write us in the comments below and we might reward you if it’s correct.

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