Funny Shows on Netflix, Titles You Might Never Find!

Funny Shows on Netflix, Titles You Might Never Find!

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Funny Shows are available on Netflix and subscribers are looking for new shows all the time.  Here’s your opprotunity to find new funny shows.  We have found titles ranging from adult cartoons like Futurama and Family Guy, as well as mockumentary type shows like Fried and Dreamland.  These hidden gems are often overlooked for the more popular comedies like How I Met Your Mother and New Girl but these will make you laugh just as hard if not even more.  The production of a lot of these were on Networks like FOX or even Netflix where restrictions are not as tight.

Funny Shows on Netflix

We will start out with Adult Cartoons, these have been growing since The Simpson’s hit FOX more then 20 years ago.

“Adult Cartoons”


Family Guy


American Dad

The Cleveland Show


F is for Family

Bo Jack Horseman

The next two shows are a type of reality (who’s reality we don’t know).

“Reality TV”

Real Husbands of Hollywood

Americas Funniest Videos

Lastly,  are just the JUST Funny shows that are on Netflix.  These are some of the funniest shows, they may not be the “popular” choice but “popular” doesn’t always mean better!

“JUST Funny”


Raising Hope


Lipstick Jungle




The Delivery Man

Todd Margaret



Be sure to add these titles to your “List” on your account so that you can find them quickly without  spending too much time! Related Topics: Comedians on Netflix, The List Keeps Growing!




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