Want to ‘Make Netflix Simple’ Again? There’s an App for That

Are you having trouble finding something to watch on Netflix? Image via screen capture via Facebook flixable

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Are you having trouble finding something to watch on Netflix? Now, there is an app for that…Flixable is Available for US and UK Versions of Netflix.

Are you having trouble finding something to watch on Netflix? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Netflix is only one of the world’s leading destination for television and film lovers. And we love it, but the home screen can seem bogged down with the viewing history of the users. When you go to search for a movie or television show, you sometimes find that it is not there. Whether it was removed without you noticing, or you just lost it in those sliding bars. However, there is hope in sight. It will make using Netflix even more enjoyable.

Now, there is an app for that!

“Flixable,” an app to help you get through all the confusion and headache-inducing browsing. What is Flixable? It is a Netflix search engine that makes it easier, and quicker, to find what you want to watch. You’re able to browse by genre, release date, and ratings. Seems simple right? You got it! The site is free and catalogs what’s been added and removed from Netflix. Flixable makes it easier for Netflix subscribers to find what they want to watch. It even lets users know when shows or movies will be removed.

Flixable is Available for US and UK Versions of Netflix

Flixable was created by a Finnish programmer, Ville Salminen. He made it after a Netflix user had complained about Netflix’s algorithm on a link posted on Reddit:

Why doesn’t Netflix have a decent way to browse content? I feel like i’m fairly stuck with the 50-100 titles shown to me on the homescreen, why can’t I browse their thousands of titles that they do they have outside of a search bar? why do I have to know the shows name to find it?”

Others agree with this user, browsing on Netflix’s home screen can be confusing. But that’s not Netflix’s fault. Their algorithm was just designed a certain way. That is when Salminen decided to design the site, Flixable. It went up after the Reddit users comment.

It attracted three million users within hours of the site going up. Three million users! Even more good news; it’s available in both the US and UK versions of Netflix.

Image via screen capture of Flixable’s web page, via dailymail.com

User ScoobySmackz commented: “Within 1 minute of being on that site I saw movies I had no idea were added that I wanted to see more than the movies Netflix recommends to me… well done sir.”

Flixable is sure to draw more users and subscribers to Netflix. Now with an easier way to find movies and shows we didn’t know were available, Netflix’s appeal has skyrocketed.

Flixable Helps You Find What You Want

Everyone knows that Netflix’s “browse” page is based on users viewing history. Because of this, viewers can miss thousands of titles available to them. Flixable helps you find what you want.

Flixable will have sections dedicated to Netflix Originals, a popular section as well as what will be leaving soon. Users are also able to search movies or shows by month, day and year. How much easier could it get? Netflix subscribers will find they can search Netflix’s impressive range of content for studio-produced television shows and films. Everyone will find this much easier to use than just searching through Netflix’s home screen.

Having hundreds of Netflix movies at your fingertips with no idea what to watch is why users are enjoying Flixable. The mysteries of Netflix’s movie vaults are now in the open. You’re able to find more Indie movies. If you’re into BBC, there are sure to be shows you’d like to see that you couldn’t find from the home screen or search bar.

Users are Asking for More!

With the idea that Flixable is helping subscribers on Netflix, they want more. Multiple people are asking Salminen to make something similar for Amazon and Hulu. According to Mashable reports he might actually be making something similar for Hulu. And anyone who uses Amazon knows they need the help when it comes to browsing their collection, badly. So, we may see a Flixable for Hulu or a Flixable for Amazon sometime soon.

Salminen told Mashable that Flixable is straightforward. “To build a site that would make it easier for Netflix subscribers to choose what to watch on a movie night.” It definitely does that.

Movie Night Just Got Easier!

We all know that movie night is intended to be a time to kick back and relax. We get rid of our stress by enjoying movies with friends and family. Now movie night just got easier. Thank the programming god who came up with Flixable! This site couldn’t have come out at a better time. Still not sure if Flixable is right for you? Check out the video below that shows users how it works. Salminen gave Netflix users an amazing gift and I for one intend to take advantage of it!

Here’s the video from CNET with a demo on how it works.

Featured image via screen capture, promotional image via Flixable

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