“From Fat to Finish Line” Just Added to Netflix

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“From Fat to Finish Line” is Now Available on Netflix

This may be exactly what you’ve been looking for to inspire you!


From Fat to Finish Line, is a documentary featuring the weight-loss journey of 12 strangers examining the trials, obstacles, and triumphs that occur while they tackle their big goals of  losing weight and reaching the  finish lines.

The group begins their weight-loss journey alone, but share a common process: dropping pounds with diet and exercise—specifically, running. They met in 2011 through social media and in February 2012 formed Team Fat to Finish. Their goal: run the 36-leg Ragnar Relay the following January.

It was a lofty goal for a group of people who couldn’t even climb a flight of stairs without breathing heavy and needing a rest.   Many suffered from Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other by products of obesity.

While training, the runners suffered from doubt—both internally and from family and friends who considered them too big to run. Others got grief for taking time away from family to train. Collectively, the group has shed 1,200 pounds.

Many people who are overweight do not think it is possible to get in shape. Formerly overweight, guest Rik Akey encourages folks struggling to lose weight not to give up – and he says running is key to making the change possible and even fun. Rik is part of a team of 12 who were all obese and who have gotten into shape and lost a significant amount of weight.

“Any journey will feature the highest of highs and the lowest of lows—sometimes the finish line sounds impossible to reach but whether it’s losing 100 pounds or running a 200-mile race, if you keep moving forward, if you keep taking steps in the right direction, you can get there.”

From Fat to Finish Line is now available on Netflix.

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