Exploring the Hottest Sci-Fi Additions on Netflix

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Sci-fi is one of the genres that retain a steady number of viewers on Netflix. A significant portion of movies shown on the network actually belongs to this category. Series titles, however, are the ones that keep viewers tuning in as Netflix maintains a good track record of shows in this particular format.

Today, let’s explore some of the hottest titles that have recently debuted or are coming up in the next few weeks.

Stranger Things – Season 2

(video: Netflix YouTube Channel)

The second season of Stranger Things is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated titles this year, which will be released just in time for Halloween. Acclaimed Netflix original, the hype came from season when when it brought the right mix of 80’s nostalgia and horror to viewers. Some fans got totally hooked and even went on to create their own versions of ‘The Upside Down’ such as the pop-up bar we featured in a previous Netflix Update post.

But although the Duffer Brothers already found an effective formula in the first season, Refinery29 hinted that season 2 will be even more terrifying. Ross Duffer explained that “once things go wrong, we really escalate the stakes quickly, and it gets pretty crazy toward the end.”

Like its predecessor, the second installment will also pay homage to iconic films from the era, with two of the most evident being Aliens and Terminator 2, according to the show’s creators and producers. It’s not surprising considering that these titles have essentially redefined the sci-fi genre and are staples in pop culture.

The former – which is now a franchise – even released another title earlier this year in the form of Alien: Covenant that was described by the digital news outlet Variety as Ridley Scott’s “return to form,” while one of the latter’s recently influenced works includes a licensed Terminator 2 slot game hosted on Slingo. Aside from Ridley Scott and James Cameron, the artistic presence of other directorial maestros such as Steven Spielberg and Stephen King will also be felt as well, much like in the first season.


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Netflix has also been adding more Japanese animation titles to their roster, with the first season of ID-0 premiering on October 6. ID-0 has themes of interplanetary exploration and excavation of a new mineral called ‘Orichalt’ through the use of I-Machines. Human pilots control the robots via a consciousness link, essentially turning them into the machines. In a nutshell, it’s akin to James Cameron’s sci-fi hit Avatar and fans of the movie are in for a treat.

Star Trek: Discovery

(video: Netflix YouTube Channel)

The new Star Trek series is a special mention as it’s involved in a bit of a technicality given that it’s available on Netflix only for non-US subscribers. Media portal Heavy specified that Star Trek: Discovery can now be streamed on Netflix in more than 180 countries, but US viewers can only watch through another streaming service.

Nonetheless, the show has been well received so far, with the Metro relaying some of the sentiments from die-hard Star Trek fans. Set as a prequel to the original series, the show follows the crew of the USS Discovery and features many of the familiar alien races in the franchise, most notably the Klingons. And like other Star Trek story arcs, the new title shows humanity’s traits like survival instincts and companionship as well as darker tendencies such as hunger for power and betrayal.

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