Everything You Need To Know About Your Netflix Gift Card

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You know what would be great? Somebody else paying for my Netflix addiction.  Well, it turns out they can! You read right ladies and gentleman, Netflix has gift cards! They have plain gift cards, for any occasion, or cards for specific events like birthdays and graduations.

Prices of Gift Cards

Prices of gift cards start at $15 and go up to any amount you’d like. That is the equivalent of giving just short of three months to infinite months of Netflix!!! You can get gift cards in a variety of styles. One is White with red corners and the Netflix logo, others are black and say Netflix on them.  Several cards have funny and sarcastic sayings, some taken from favorite shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

Where Can I Find Gift Cards?

Of course our trusty Amazon offers Netflix gift cards ($25, $30, $35, $40, $45, $60, $100, $100+), but they aren’t the only dealer. Target sells $30 and $100 gift cards. Walmart offers $30, $60, and $100. Rite Aid allows you to choose the amount you put on the card. Rite Aids in some areas may not offer Netflix gift cards. You can also purchase Netflix gift cards through PayPal. PayPal offers gift cards of $15, $30, $60, and $100.

Applying the Gift Cards

If you receive a Netflix gift card, it is straightforward to redeem it. If you don’t have a Netflix account:

  1. Go to netflix.com/redeem
  2. Scratch the foil on your card off on your card with a coin
  3. Enter the 11 digit code

If you already have a Netflix account, go to the Your Account page and add the card to your balance.

Netflix will use the balance of your card until it runs out, then it will draw from the original payment source.

You will get an email notification to let you know when the balance on your gift card is going to run out, or if your balance is low. You can redeem another gift card at any time.

Netflix gift cards never expire, making it a great gift.

You can also use gift cards on DVD only accounts. Just go to the Your Account page and redeem your gift card.

If you cancel your account, and there is still have a balance on your gift card, you will be able to continue streaming Netflix until the balance of your card runs out.  When the balance runs out, the cancellation will take effect.

If you buy a gift card in one country, you must use it in a country with the same currency. Gift cards a predominantly sold in North America.

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