Ellen Page to Star in Gerard Way’s “The Umbrella Academy”

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We all remember Ellen Page in her very first hit movie. The one where an unexpected pregnancy appeared, awkward teenage feelings arose, and hard decisions came about. You know which movie I am talking about… Juno.

Juno, played by Ellen Page, was the main character of the movie. She really show her personality when it came to playing Juno’s character. While she was the perfect role for the teenage mother with the awkward love interest– She has a new role to add to her line up.

The emo-goth series coming to Netflix, as of now, is still in production but Ellen Page will be the perfect person to play the Vanya, the “black sheep” of the super family. When you think of the black sheep, you think of the semi goth-y, dark person that does not take any crap from anyone.

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First a comic book series, written by Gerard Way and Brazilian comic book illustrator, Gabriel Ba, was debuted in 2007. There was a book that was released in 2008 with the full series all in one place for you to enjoy. The book includes extras from the author and illustrator as well. The book has also reached an almost five star badge rating on Amazon.

If you are not familiar with the comic series, that is quite alright. The series follows a group of kids that had previously been separated– not in contact with each other, but they all come together when their father is murdered.

They come together to solve the mystery but the kids are an even bigger mystery when it comes to the powers that they have. Amongst the group are a little boy that travels through time, a man with a gorilla body, and a woman that can make anything she says become the truth.

Ellen Page’s character is the only sibling without a visible power. You could say that she has another power that she, herself had to discover. It’s quite different from her siblings though. Their powers are built in whereas Vanya’s powers were learned.

There are no predictions as to when The Umbrella Academy will be on Netflix as of yet, but if you have read the comics, you will surely be anxious to see how the series compares to the books.

Although we know that the book is always better than the movie, what are you most excited for when it comes to the Umbrella Academy? Tell us what you think when it comes to the comics becoming a series. We would love to hear from you!

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