Election 2016 What Every Voter Should Know

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Election 2016

Election Year Ahead Find Out What To Consider Before Voting

How To Win The US Presidency is a whimsical look at  American politics.  An unbiased panel examines the influence of money, religion and even ancient Rome on presidential campaigns. With an election season coming up in America and quite the cast of canidates,  viewers will see history from past presidential elections and how these juicy topics influenced the winner.  How some even won is still a mystery but this movie may help a voter understand.

The business of America is Business- Calvin Coolidge


Billions  are spent every 4 years.  Even with the mosts charasmatic canidate can still run wthout it but it takes alot of work.   Rockefeller, Kennedy and Roosevelt,  all came from money see how money influences the race for President.

The Look-

This  can Make or Break a candidate.   Voters want a president that looks physically fit.  Former Presidents have been photographed went plunging into the Potomac River, running along with wallking their dogs.  If you aren’t fit you rely on your looks, for example  Kennedy had chronic back pain but he kept it secret and  instead made himself look like a movie star.

The Family

Candidates need to be prepared to be looked at under the microscope.  Make sure your family wants you to win, u because ltimately the most damaging rumors will come from your family.


While 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has seen many Presidents from different religions such as Catholic, Unitarian, Methodist and Quaker this topic can be difficult.  Difficult but never underestimated, there is no harm in showing you believe in God you just can’t over do it.

The Message

Find out who said some of these messages and why.

“Make America Great Again”

“Keep Cool wit Coolidge”

” Wheres the Beef”

“I like Ike”

“Give em Hell Harry”



Find out what we can learn from Rome and why the founding fathers modeled our system after Rome.  How the donkey become the image of the Democratic Party will be revealed as well as why Ronald Reagan responded with humor to a question about his age.

How To Win The US Presidency is only an hour long but is packed with a wealth of information for new voters as well as seasoned voters. It’s new on Netflix this month, stream it now and get out and VOTE!!


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