When Will Doctor Who Return To Netflix?

Doctor Who will return to Netflix?

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The worst news befalls this year on Netflix and it’s the removal of Doctor Who, a show that was loved, watched and enjoyed by many. But, when exactly is Doctor Who returning back on Netflix?

Well, there’s a lot to talk about this.

Doctor Who was considered to be the most watched show all around the world, and as Netflix failed to extend its contract with BBC, the show was removed from the streaming service in February 2016.

We don’t need to say it time and again, but the removal of Doctor Who was surely upsetting to a lot of people. We’ve heard people cancel their Netflix subscription just because the show was removed. Also, many people have been asking if the fan-favorite show is returning back to Netflix and if yes, when?

There have been rumors regarding Netflix trying to extend its contract with BBC just like every previous years. As the contract term was set only for a year, Netflix did approach BBC to sign a deal and stream BBC One shows. However, a common agreement could not be reached and all BBC shows that were available to stream were expired from Netflix in February.

The removal of Doctor Who from Netflix is surely depressing and a sad thing for fans who watched the show on repeat-mode every single time they completed the series.

Just like HBO, a satellite television network that streams Game of Thrones, BBC is also looking forward to start a similar service targeted for their shows only. It has been reported that such service might be available for people in the United States first, which, in some way will drop Netflix in terms of competition.

If BBC is going to start its own network just like Netflix, there’s no way Doctor Who is returning back to Netflix any time in the future. However, there’s a possibility that BBC’s service will launch in the United States only and Netflix will still sign a deal for Doctor Who to stream in other regions.

Considering the deal that recently broke between the two parties, Netflix might have offered a low budget for the show that BBC denied and the contract could not take place. However, Netflix is still said to be working on a better deal to bring back the most watched show in the streaming service.

But, there’s no guarantee that BBC will accept a future offer for any big amount as the previous deal has been revoked. And, in that case, it might take a few years for a new deal, beneficial for both the sides will be made for the show.

In my opinion, Doctor Who on Netflix is not going to return back for at least some years now. However, there’s no need to worry still as there are several other shows currently available on Netflix as good as Doctor Who that you’ve been missing.

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