Doctor Who Expiring from Netflix on February 1

Doctor Who Season 8

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Believe me or not, but recent news regarding the expiry date of Doctor Who on Netflix has emerged and fans are really not happy about it. Netflix adds the expiry date of contents currently streaming on the service on the details tab on the programs Netflix Page and Doctor Who has a due date to expire on February 1, 2016.

One of the finest BBC shows of all times, Doctor Who has had a lot of fans, most of which streaming the television series on Netflix. The new generation of Doctor Who that is 8 seasons long and the classic Doctor Who with ’18 collections’ are the ones that are set to move out of Netflix in February. The good news is, The Science of Doctor Who has no departure date, meaning the show will exist and stream.

People from the United States are a big fan of Doctor Who on Netflix as it’s only one of few ways to stream British television shows without having the need to go through commercials. Despite the expiry date being listed, there’s no need to worry because it’s almost certain Netflix will renew its contract with BBC. It’s been two years in a row we’ve been hearing news about BBC contents to be axed from Netflix but nothing has changed.

BBC shows on Netflix US are set for renewal every year and it’s extremely likely it’ll happen again in 2016. This should mean that Doctor Who will not be leaving Netflix this soon, however, the ninth season will still take some time to arrive.

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